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Bożena Konieczny

Expert on spatial planning and revitalization

He has been working professionally for over 20 years. In Silesia, she has become a part of the urban environment of this region as its co-creator, through a wide range of design activities in the field of spatial planning, urban planning, architecture, implementation and popularization – making a creative contribution to the planned and implemented spatial shape of the province. Silesian.

Bożena Konieczny is the author or co-author of many planning studies, covering all generations of local plans; Study of conditions and directions of spatial development for many cities and communes. She has prepared housing and development strategies for cities, several hundred local spatial development plans for cities such as: Lubliniec, Poraj, Świętochłowice, Ruda Śląska, Chorzów, Będzin, Oświęcim, Koszęcin, Myszków, Nowy Targ, Łapsze Niżne, Rabka Zdrój, Wadowice, Katowice, Siemianowice, Rudziniec, Jędrzejów, Blachownia, Cieszyn, Racibórz, Racławice, Psary, Tarnów, Mstów, Oświęcim. Every year, he supervises the execution of approx. 1500 decisions on development conditions and land development, which were prepared for such cities as Miechów, Chęciny, Poraj, Koszęcin, Proszowice, Bełchatów, Wojkowice, Świerklaniec, Miasteczko, Czeladź, Świlcza, Strzyżów, Boguchwała, Koziegłowy, Szaflary and many others. Her professional activities also include a number of significant studies and problems of regional importance, including: “The Rybnik Land Space Development Program”, “The Upper Silesia Forest Resources Restructuring and Development Program”, “The Będzin City Revitalization Program”, Housing Strategies. These studies were often pioneering in terms of the method and methodology of solving problems, and their effectiveness resulted in the strengthening of regional policy, key areas of intervention activity of the region, including the protection of natural and cultural values. The correctness of the adopted methods and the innovativeness of the solutions of these studies have been highly appreciated by local governments and the urban environment. Numerous architectural and construction studies have also gained great recognition from the local authorities and the local community.

Working for 13 years as an Urban Planner in one of the Silesian cities, under his supervision the activities of the office related to land management, housing management, spatial development and project activities financed from EU funds. B. Konieczny was one of the main creators and executors of revitalization processes as part of the creation and implementation of the Revitalization Program for this city (publication: Urbanista No. 10 /34/, October 2005, pp. 23-26). As part of her work as a local government official, in 2000 she won the Polish Championship of Local Government Employees and Councillors. in swimming…

Her creative achievements include or have also included training and popularization activities, consulting activities, didactic activities, including didactic activities related to the University of Technology in Katowice. For over 20 years, she ran her own drawing studio and donates her works to local auctions. As an advisor, he is a member of several Municipal Urban Planning and Architectural Commissions (including committees as a chairperson). Very good cooperation is confirmed by numerous opinions – including those of local authorities, who highly appreciate her professionalism, effectiveness of action, consulting skills and accuracy in solving difficult problems of the city and the region. Her creative achievements in spatial planning, urban, architectural and implementation design, care for the constant improvement of the social rank of the profession, as well as personal culture, commitment and conscientiousness of work – have been recognized by the urban planning community, including the Board of the Katowice Branch of the Society of Polish Town Planners, where she was a member of the board for one term.

Privately, she is a happy wife and mother of two wonderful daughters.

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