Another successful concentration on pharmaceutical market

The President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (Polish abbrev: ?UOKIK?) consented for implementing a concentration of two companies operating on a pharmaceutical market.  Procedure was completely conducted and supervised by  Duraj & Reck and Partners Law Firm.

Anti-monopoly procedure has to be conducted prior to a merger of bigger companies. Basing on information provided by a specific company, the President of the UOKIK determines whether a concentration will lead to creating or reinforcing too strong position of an entrepreneur operating on a certain market. The UOKIK President also assesses the potential influence of concentration on competition. This procedure actually allows the President to consent for a concentration, issue a conditional consent and to withhold such consent.

The decision of the UOKIK President was positive, as the procedure conducted by our law firm proved, that planned concentration will not constitute any danger to competition operating on pharmaceutical market.111