Compensation for the death of a loved one at the swimming pool

Over 300,000 zlotys of compensation for parents was awarded by the District Court in Rybnik in a well-known case of drowning of a young boy at a swimming pool in this city. Recently, the law firm represented a family in a lawsuit concerning compensation for the lack of proper supervision of lifeguards and the drowning of a close family member. The tragic event took place in an urban center that had signed an insurance contract with one of the insurance companies.

After filing the claim, the insurer paid compensation in the amount of approx. 10 thousand zlotys. The family could not agree with such a decision of the insurance company, as they first filed a complaint about the services provided by the financial market entity and then brought an action against the insurance company.

The Law Firm has conducted and provided legal support throughout the entire period of both jurisdictional and pre-litigation proceedings. As a consequence of our actions, we managed to obtain a judgment awarding compensation to our clients in the amount of over PLN 300,000.00 together with interest for delay.

Specialists responsible for handling the case – attorney-at-law Marek Gola and Przemysław Chmielowski, attorney-at-law trainee.