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Employers are not helpless in case of trade secret misappropriation

Police – at request of the law firm ? has conducted  a search of a place of residence of the client?s former employee suspected of trade secret misappropriation. The police seized a private computer found in the apartment. Currently, the computer is held by an expert in computer science, who is going to  determine whether it contains misappropriated trade secrets.

The expert also is to answer the question whether these secrets were passed on to rival companies.

It turns out that employers are not defenseless, when a former employee reveals to another person data constituting a trade secret. Besides a civil action, such conduct is sanctioned criminally – punishable by imprisonment up to 2 years. Note, however, that prosecution of such an offense is possible only at the request of the victim. In other words -in order to obtain adequate protection one need to demand it on their own.