Two positive decisions of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

17 September 2015

On request of Duraj & Reck and Partners, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection issued two decisions unconditionally allowing for the concentration of companies. Antitrust proceedings were related to the consent to the acquisition of control of companies by their sales. As a result, the road was opened for signing of final contracts for the sale of the merging parties.

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Employers are not helpless in case of trade secret misappropriation

27 August 2015

Police – at request of the law firm – has conducted a search of a place of residence of the client’s former employee suspected of trade secret misappropriation. The police seized a private computer found in the apartment. Currently, the computer is held by an expert in computer science, who is going to determine whether it contains misappropriated trade secrets.

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Claims concerning transmission devices

19 August 2015

Real property owners are increasingly effective at demanding the removal of network infrastructure that has been set on their estates without their prior consent. The use of so-called [roszczenie negatoryjne] restitution claims (actio negatoria) gives the owner a chance to regain the possibility of free and unrestricted use of real property.

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Law firm in front of an Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

29 July 2015

Duraj&Reck and Partners have submitted two applications to Office of Competition and Consumers Protection concerning the plans of concentrations between companies. A merger of big companies must be reported to Office of Competition and Consumers Protection’s chairman, who examines whether as result of the merger, the competition on the market is not be threatened.

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TVN’s news: Paramedic was beaten by professional boxer

20 July 2015

Criminal charges have been filed for assault on paramedic which had been rescuing two-year old girl. Paramedic was attacked and punched by her father. He was beaten unconscious, had broken jaw and his teeth knocked out. 34 -year-old boxer could spend five years in prison. Daniel Reck – Partner in Duraj&Reck and Partners’ law firm appeared on TVN’s TV News.

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The court rejected a motion for detention

26 May 2014

Officers of the Internal Security Agency, acting under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Piotrkow Trybunalski, arrested 15 people on suspicion of participating in an organized criminal group comitting fiscal offences – decreasing VAT due of the total amount of at least 37 million PLN.

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