The Minister of Development and Finance will suspend collection of the tax on retail sales

Minister of Development and Finance received to signature a draft ordinance of abandonment of collecting tax on retail sales. The abandonment of tax applies to revenues from sales retail achieved during the period from 1 September to 31 December 2016. Because the ordinance will has retroactive effect, the companies which paid tax during the period of abandonment will be able to apply for a refund of overpaid tax.

For the record, from 1 September 2016 entered into force the Act of tax on retail sales, imposing on sales retail companies a tax of 0.8% of revenue in excess of EUR 17 000 000 zł per month, and 1.4% of revenues in excess of EUR 170 000 000 zł per month. At September 19, 2016, the European Commission ordered Poland to suspend of tax until explanation, whether the tax structure based on progressive rates don’t gives benefits companies which achieves lower revenues.