Śląski Klub Karate GOLIAT


The GOLIAT Karate Club is the largest Oyama Karate Club in Upper Silesia and one of the largest in Poland. It has more than 50 locations in the largest cities of Upper Silesia, including Katowice, Siemianowice, Tychy, Ruda Śląska, Gliwice, Chorzów, Bytom, Łaziska, Gliwice, Orzeszów, Kobiórze and Świętochłowice. In the ranking of the best clubs in Poland – Oyama Karate brings together nearly 60 clubs across the country – the Silesian Karate Club “GOLIAT” took first place in 2015 and 2016. It trains about 1,000 people.

Tax optimisation

This is a solution which allows for reducing tax obligations of a company and improvement of a financial result. A factor which influences decisions of entrepreneurs in an increasingly high degree is tax optimisation. Its results enable improvement of operations of an enterprise, larger economic structure or even an individual transaction in terms of determining a tax result, making use of available funding sources and analysis of a tax risk. We advise on choosing optimal format and course of economic transactions and on creating and restructuring methods of conducting economic activity in relation to individual enterprises, capital groups or with the use of jurisdiction of countries with mild tax regime. Our team makes use of legal optimisation methods. We choose methods which are most advantageous for the operations of our client. We suggest tax structures and civil and legal institutions which allow for obtaining assumed business effects at the same time achieving possible economic benefits.

Removal of inconvenient power infrastructure

Zawiercie District Court upheld the claim filed by the Law Office on behalf of clients and ordered entrepreneur to remove from the land owned by principals all power infrastructure.

Importantly, arguing its decision, the Court found that the correctness of the construction process does not affect the qualification of having an energy company from the point of view of its good or bad faith, as a holder of transmission easement. The court took the view that in the absence of consent of the owners expressed in an appropriate form (according to 245 § 2 Civil Code), only a final administrative decision issued pursuant to 35 of the Act of 12 March 1958 on the principles and procedures of expropriation entitles the entrepreneur transmission to carry out work on someone else?s territory.29

The court rejected a motion for detention

Officers of the Internal Security Agency, acting under the supervision of the District Prosecutor?s Office in Piotrkow Trybunalski, arrested 15 people on suspicion of participating in an organized criminal group comitting fiscal offences – decreasing VAT due of the total amount of at least 37 million PLN.

Law Firm Duraj & Reck and Partners defends 11 supsects. In the case of two of them prosecutor has filed a motion for detention. After an eight-hour meeting in Piotrków Trybunalski court dismissed prosecutor?s motion. Daniel Reck, Tomasz Duraj and Marek Gola acted as defenders at the mentioned hearing. Prosecutor?s appeal was also dismissed.

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