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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and transfer of enterprises

We specialise in handling the processes of mergers, seizures and transfers of enterprises. One of specialisations of our law office is also consulting and representing our clients within the scope of merger and acquisition of companies (known as M&A). We provide legal consulting services within the scope of mergers, divisions and transformations of trade companies and handling of issues connected with sales and transformation of enterprises. Our services comprise the entire action process, starting with preparing a plan of transformation at the following stages: preparing an opinion of an expert examiner, notifying the stockholders, passing resolutions by the general meetings of companies, and finishing with court proceedings and announcing merger (division, transformation). We also conduct operations of mergers and transformations which consist in establishing new economic entities and assignment of any rights and obligations of recent entities onto such new entities. The above is inherently connected with the operations of transferring enterprises and their organised segments. Our law office offers comprehensive legal assistance within the scope of activities connected with widely-understood mergers, acquisitions and transfers of companies, and we also provide complete logistics services for this process through organisation of relevant meetings, and also providing services of a notary public, expert examiner, tax counsellor, sworn translator and experts in other fields, whose help within the operations performed is necessary. A key meaning for the interest of a client is assigned to a form of performing a given operation. The same effect may be achieved in different ways (forms) of acting. Our task is to develop a strategy which is the most economical for the client, with consideration of its duration, expenses, tax obligations, work expenditure and advantages and burdens connected with the operation. Our clients are able to save time and money owing to our concepts, and the entire process of transformation, merger or transfer of an enterprise is conducted dynamically and with minimal participation of the client. In the event of acquiring enterprises or entire economic entities, we offer conducting complete due diligence audit whose final report presents a property status and a legal status of the entity audited or object and order and warnings concerning a process of acquisition. Our services also comprise representing a client in front of all the public administration authorities, with whom collaboration within the process of transformation (merger or acquisition) is necessary, and in particular with the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, the President of the Electronic Communications Office and with offices and revenue chambers.



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