Kategoria: Specializations


Within specialisation in the power law, we also offer complete services within legal consulting services at the investment process of photovoltaic installation. Photovoltaics is a dynamically developing sector of renewable energy. It primarily deals with production of electricity from solar rays with the use of photovoltaic phenomenon. Exemplary photovoltaic solutions are, among others, all the types of solar installations and solar power stations. We provide professional consulting services at economic investments to entities which make use of our law office, which are connected with the use of photovoltaics discoveries. We give advice to investors who engage their own means into investments on the photovoltaic market and to contractors who implement detailed designs within this scope. Our team deals with consulting within new regulations arising from the Act on renewable energy sources, including but not limited to the amount of support within the meaning of the new OZE act, possibility of taxing incomes from the installation, VAT on the system of guaranteed fixed price and system of green certificates trading. Services performed by Duraj & Reck and Partners Law Office within photovoltaics comprise: preparation of legal analyses of given projects (eg. construction of wind farms), issuing opinions on contracts, including granting public assistance for implementation of a given project, preparation of or issuing opinions on the drafts of contracts related to a given project, in particular agreements on leasing lands, specific task contracts, contracts for construction works (including electrical works) and contracts concluded with subcontractors for delivery of sub-assemblies, legal conditions of connections to the power grid, localisation and possibility of performing connection, construction permit, etc. Furthermore, our law office provides comprehensive services to clients concerning consulting as regards valid standards and certificates. We ensure detailed analysis of legal problems arising from discovered design and installation errors, problems and investment errors. We also conduct an analysis of a legal status of the ground appointed for installation. We verify whether this is the ground with local plan of spatial development which allows for untroubled economic activity or whether this is a terrain which does not make the implementation of such an investment possible. We help with constructing and filing necessary applications, including applications for the connection conditions, obtaining environmental decisions, obtaining development conditions, reporting a building or obtaining construction permit.