Handball Club Ruch Chorzów is a nine-time Polish handball champion. Its history and tradition dates back to 1951. Currently, the team performs on the women’s Superliga court. K. S. R. Ruch Chorzów won Polish Championship nine times, four times vice-championships and got three bronze medals. powrót
Men’s volleyball club founded in 1949, which has been in the highest league since the 1997/1998 season (since 2009 under the name Jastrzębski Węgiel). In the past history, the club won 1 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze medals of the Polish Championships. Thanks to this, Jastrzębski Węgiel is currently in the high, 15th place in the table of all times in the Polish top league. The club is successful not only in the league yard. In 2014, the team won the bronze medal of the Champions League, and in 2011 the second place at the Club World Championships. powrót
FAAR architects is an architectural studio based in Wadowice, founded by architect Krzysztof Faber. From the beginning of its activity, the studio has been constantly developing and expanding the creative plane with activities related not only to standard design. Currently, the FAAR studio is an office involved in projects in the field of architecture, spatial planning, urban planning, investment implementation, interior design, design, modern design, culture and art. More information about the studio can be found here. powrót
Gyncentrum – is a place of treatment of infertility and prenatal diagnosis, one of the leading centers not only in Silesia, but also throughout Poland. The clinic can boast a group of specialists in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, endocrinology, urology, clinical genetics, andrology and embryology, but also modern research and technological facilities. powrót
Fundacja ?Piątka? was established by Kabaret Młodych Panów. The main profile of the Foundation’s activity is the animation of cultural life through the organization of various actions, concerts and festivals such as the “Podziel się? action, KABAryjTON, Space Jam or the Rybnik Autumn Cabaret Festival. You can find more details about the foundation on its website. powrót is a platform for mass sending of SMS, MMS and VMS messages via the client’s panel or a simple and easy to integrate SMS API interface. It enables integration with its own IT systems. In addition, the website enables independent implementation of information and marketing campaigns using various types of messages. SMSAPI also means care for high quality services, advanced technical solutions as well as professional and experienced advisors. powrót
Novelle is a furniture and interior decoration manufacturer that combines classic and contemporary form. Thanks to this, the rooms in which Novelle reigns gain a unique character and class. The rich offer of the company allows you to meet the aesthetic requirements of even the most demanding customers who appreciate the chic and individual character of furniture and accessories. powrót
The Synexus Medical Center offers patients free control tests as part of the Health Promotion Action and the opportunity to participate in clinical programs for new drugs and therapies. The priority of Synexus is the safety, health and well-being of all patients using the available center services. The company’s mission is to combine medical activity with participation in the continuous development of medicine. More information about the Synexus Medical Center can be found here. powrót
The Dairy Cooperative in Gostyń was founded in 1889, and in 1979 the Condensation and Powdered Milk Plant were opened. Currently, the plant is equipped with modern lines for the production of concentrated milk unsweetened in cartons and cans, condensed milk, unsweetened light, flavored milk in tubes, UHT cream, UHT milk, butter, skimmed-milk powder and a whole range of fresh products. The high quality of SM Gostyń products is confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions. In total, the Cooperative and its products have been awarded over 100 prizes, medals and awards. powrót
Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Dróg DROGOPOL? – ZW Ltd., comes from Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Inżynieryjnych – Holding S.A., which was established in 1951. On September 1, 1993, as part of the privatization at that time, PRI Drogopol was established, which started the current shape of the company. Further transformations led to the establishment of Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Dróg DROGOPOL?-ZW on June 1, 1997. Over the ten years, the company has completed, among others: repairs and reconstructions of approximately 400 streets, renovation of city roads, modernization of road facilities, numerous construction works to maintain roads and streets, about 8,500mb of external network. powrót
The Hyundai Szymański company was founded in 1982. From the beginning of its existence, the object of its activity is to provide services to clients, i.e., among others: sale, repair or ongoing servicing of both passenger cars and lorries. In 2010/2011, the company was honored by Hyundai Motor Europe with the membership of the Hyundai Frontier Dealer Club, as one of the most effective dealers in Europe. powrót
HiMountain – a Polish outdoor clothing brand that has been introducing new clothing solutions to the market for over 20 years. Today – thanks to the constant development of the company – famous Polish climbers, fans of hiking, mountain climbing and trekking, as well as lovers of skiing, Nordic walking, running or cyclists dress in HiMountain clothes. powrót
Kabaret Młodych Panów is a social and moral humor with a large dose of irony and a distance to what is currently happening, which makes them gain not only a wider group of loyal fans, but also the recognition of critics. powrót
The producer of the highest quality building materials, occupying a leading position in the global plastic industry. During 75 years of operation, the company has built a leading position that guarantees the highest quality of products and services offered and is an attractive, safe and reliable employer. Gamrat is a company for which the natural environment and the region from which the company originates are of particular value. powrót
It was established in 1962 in Belgium. It started from manufacturing fire extinguishers and then it extended their manufacturing range with spray extinguishing systems, casements of fire brigade vehicles and anti-fire gates. Show references powrót
Penta Investments is an investment group from the Central Europe, which specialises in long-term investing into value. Show references powrót
The Döllken brand, which has been operating for over 100 years, is a world leader in the production of plastic strips, having many years of experience in quality, logistics, consulting and service. Company’s products – targeted, among others to DIY enthusiasts, construction companies and stores focusing on quality, design and practicality – they are valued today on four continents. Döllken Sp. z o.o. belongs to the global concern Surteco Company, which sells to the Central and Eastern European market the highest quality products of companies: Döllken-Kunststoffverarbeitung and Döllken-Weimar. powrót
Dr. Max Polska is one of four largest chain chemistries in our country, which belongs to the international holding Dr. Max and which also operates in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Monthly, Dr. Max Polska services over 450 000 clients in 101 posts, it also cooperates with clinics and doctor?s offices, supporting everyday works of medicine doctors and medical personnel. Show references powrót
EMC Instytut Medyczny S.A. is the largest owner of hospitals and outpatient clinics in the Polish private medical services market. The capital group currently consists of 8 hospitals and 16 outpatient specialty and primary care clinics. Since 2005, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. powrót
Farby Kabe Polska is a Swiss manufacturing company that began its activity in the Polish market in 1995. The company has an established position of a leading supplier of façade and interior products (including: paints, plastering plasters, insulation systems, repair and renovation systems and other construction chemicals). The company was the first in the world to develop in 1999 an innovative technology of polysilicate products for the facade of buildings. As a result, Kabe is a precursor and leader in the field of mineral products technology based on low-calcosis of shattered water glass. Farby KABE products are available in the distribution network throughout Poland. powrót
One of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive products and system solutions. The company can boast a wide range of different system solutions for use in industry and by professionals, as well as products intended for consumers (including adhesive tapes, a wide range of gaskets, hooks, and mosquito nets). powrót
PKO Bank Polski was established on 8 February 1919 and currently is one of leading Polish banks. It has over 1 200 its own posts and over 2 800 cash dispensers. Show references powrót
ZETO Katowice Spółka z o.o. creates and operates computer systems for high capacity servers by IBM. Among others ZETO Katowice Spółka z o.o. established, and operate, the social security systems, characterised with high degree of complexity. ZETO Katowice powrót
The company provides advanced tools used in newsletter communication, e-mailing campaigns, contests, loyalty programs, internal communication, investor relations, running a mobile campaign and conducting surveys. In 2011, SARE S.A. found itself in the group of 50 fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe and 500 fastest growing technology companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the rankings of Deloitte consulting company. powrót
Rawa Blues Festival takes place every year at the beginning of October, in the city of Katowice, Poland. Since its very beginning in 1981, Rawa Blues became the biggest and with the time also the most recognizable blues event in Poland. powrót
The company is a world leader among manufacturers of the highest quality rotary tools for machining. Gühring distinguishes itself with a diverse range that includes drills, threading tools, milling cutters, reamers, countersinks, and even modular systems, tool holders, sharpening and measuring instruments. In total, it gives over 1650 types and about 44 thousand products. powrót
It specialises in thermal processing of steel elements. Show references powrót
Interactive agency established in 1996, which specialises in creating strategies and building an image of a client. Show references powrót
Centrala Zaopatrzenia Górnictwa deals with selling lines, hacks, shackles and chains. Show references powrót
Sewera Polska Chemia ? leader of construction industry in Silesia. It offers a complete range of construction materials which enables implementation of each investment and also conducting a thorough repair and constructing a house from the foundations to the roof. Show references powrót
Pharmaceutical wholesaler. Show references powrót
Clinics and specialistic laboratories. Show references powrót
Nonpublic language kindergarten which was established in 2007 under a different name. Show references powrót
Rozewie Apartamenty Witold Dworakowski, Janusz Wójcik, Leszek Kalinowski spółka jawna was established in 2006. It deals with constructing and selling apartments at the Polish seaside. Show references powrót
The history of Perrot dates back to 1925 when research was started then and pioneering production of sprinkles and watering systems which were the first such products in Europe. Currently the company deals with manufacturing watering systems for sports facilities, environmental protection and pipe systems, sprinkles, quick couplings for agriculture and industry. Currently the network of the company representatives and of services comprises over 80 countries. Show references powrót
RSP Wilamowa ? over 50 years of agricultural tradition; it is the largest agricultural manufacturer in Paczków commune and nyski poviat. Show references powrót
It deals with manufacturing lines and wires. Show references powrót
Commercial and service company with its registered office in Rybnik, which provides, among others, goods and personnel transport services, and which deals in repairing vehicles and selling liquid petrol. Show references powrót
Hotel Villa Verde Resort & SPA **** specializes in serving both individual guests as well as a comprehensive organization of incentives, travel, training, conferences, meetings, etc. Villa Verde powrót
It conducts valuations of commercial and noncommercial real estates. Show references powrót
Company with its registered office in Rybnik, it provides construction and energy services which comprise heat trading, transmission and distribution. Show references powrót
Confectionery. Show references powrót
A consulting company operating on the Polish market since 1993. Show references powrót
It has been manufacturing and selling the elements of finishing and decorating the interior such as blinders, window curtains, curtain rails, wall papers and girlands since 2005 (2005-2011 ? limited liability company, since 2011 ? joint stock company). Show references powrót
E-soft with its headquarters in Rybnik, deals with the design and implementation of modern websites for companies in accordance with the principles of User Experience. The company creates websites for both corporations as well as small and medium sized businesses. In addition to websites, the company offers CRM systems enabling information analysis and database systems. In addition, in its offer E-soft has a service consisting in creating websites in a subscription We have been cooperating with the E-soft company for many years, and the cooperation so far has been carried out in an impeccable and very professional manner.   powrót