Financial audits

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Our services are based on the knowledge and experience of expert examiners. An appropriate assessment of a financial situation of economic entities is decisive for taking key business decisions. A fundamental role is played here by verification of reliability of financial information by an external expert. Our services, based on knowledge and experience of expert examiners comprise, among others, financial due diligence as a fundamental method of verifying reliability of an economic entity prior to starting an investment. We conduct a thorough discussion with our client prior to the commencement of works, at the stage of planning an involvement level of our law office. Such a solution allows for choosing appropriate scope and type of financial audit procedures depending on the objective which is to be achieved for the interest of the client. As a result of conducting a financial due diligence, a client receives a report on agreed procedures of a financial audit which is signed by an expert examiner. Expert examiners hired by Duraj & Reck and Partners Law Office have expert knowledge within national and international standards of accountancy. They are ready to solve even the hardest questions within this scope. Each investment, transaction of purchase and sales of stocks or shares ought to be preceded with reliable valuation of assets of an economic entity. Our law office applies the newest discoveries of financial modelling within this field and employs experts who provide a guarantee of the valuation reliability.