Kategoria: Specializations

Penal law, penal and fiscal law and penal and economic law

Lawyers in our law office have long-term experience in conducting penal cases. They support both the representative of the party injured (auxiliary prosecutor or private prosecutor) and the defender of the accused. Experience of our team concerns not only classic penal advocacy but also advocacy of the accused in the economic crime proceedings, including penal and fiscal crimes and offence. Providing the services of a defender consists in preparing the strategy of advocacy, and then acting as a defender during the entire penal proceedings, starting with filing charges, during the entire preliminary proceedings, judicial proceedings – first and second instance, and also (if necessary) filing and supporting cassation and finishing with enforcement proceedings. In the event of justified suspicion that the client has fallen a victim to a crime (in particular economic crime) Duraj & Reck and Partners Law Office undertakes actions aimed at bringing an alleged offender to justice. In such a case we notify enforcement agencies of such a suspicion, and then we represent the injured party in the preliminary proceedings and in the court proceedings. If necessary, our services comprise filing subsidiary or private bill of indictment. Dozens of penal proceedings concluded with the sentences advantageous for the accused – often discharging ones – prove full professionalism and effectiveness of our law office.