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GDPR is an EU regulation that changes the rules for handling personal data. The new regulations are intended to force all businesses in the European Union to a higher level of personal data protection. All organizations that process personal data electronically, such as: municipal hospitals, other medical facilities, online stores, and universities, must comply with the new regulations. GDPR primarily applies to businesses operating within the European Union or having their headquarters there, regardless of their industry or size. A significantly expanded catalog of sanctions is provided for violations of GDPR, including hefty fines, capped at up to €20,000,000.

What do the consents refer to?

Content of consents

With the entry into force of GDPR, businesses are required, among other things, to adjust the content of consents for processing personal data – consent formulas based on previous regulations do not meet the new standards.

Stages of data acquisition

From the stage of data acquisition, the business which will process the data is required to provide a range of information, including the precise purposes of data processing or about its use for so-called profiling.

Safety standards

Security standards for data processing have also been tightened, and a rule has been introduced whereby the business will have to ensure that it documents the ways in which it processes and secures data in such a way that it is able to demonstrate that it complies with the new requirements.

How can we help you? 

In seven simple steps, we can update the way your company processes data:

Step 1: We will organize professional training for your company. We will explain what personal data is and how it should be handled.

Step 2: We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your company’s personal data processing policies. 

Step 3: We will prepare a dedicated enterprise data processing model fully compliant with GDPR.

Step 4: We will develop model contract clauses and contract templates that take into account the new standards.

Step 5: We will create legally required procedures for security breaches in the processing of personal data.

Step 6: We will provide comprehensive employee training.

Step 7: We will conduct a post-implementation audit.



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