Mining damage

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The employees of our law office hold wide experience within the scope of representing clients in the legal processes which concern obtaining damages from mining entrepreneurs due to damage caused by the operation of mining plants (known as mining damage). Our law office, right from the beginning of its operation, has provided services to the parties injured as a result of mining operations, in the proceedings against entrepreneurs running mining sites. Collapsed, inclined and flooded lands and building developments settled on such lands, road and plants constitute a common problem in Upper Silesia. Despite apparently obvious liability of companies which excavate coal and other minerals, obtaining compensation from such entities due to the damage caused by the operation of a mining site is highly difficult. Our law office specialises in obtaining compensation from owners of mines for mining damage. Legal service in this field comprises obligatory reconciliation proceedings, and in the event of its negative result – court proceedings as well. While representing a client we do our best so that mining damage is presented completely and is evaluated accordingly. We take care so that opinions are prepared by expert witnesses, which constitute key evidence in the proceedings. Our experience comprises dozen of won processes for compensation in the amounts much exceeding the amounts suggested by our rivals in reconciliation proceedings.