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We aim at securing the interests of our clients in the best way possible. Our law office provides also services connected with various trade contracts – such as sales agreements, transport agreements, construction works agreements or use of property agreements, and also large contracts comprising performance of industrial facilities, office and trade complexes or contracts for selling enterprises, etc. In the course of its long-term operation, our law office has provided legal advice on many such projects – both for the investor and for the contractor, therefore we are in possession of wide perspective of dangers and challenges typical for a given contract. We are capable of predicting possible risks and thus we can prevent them already at the stage of constructing a contract. Frequently, collaboration with a client for the purpose of preparing, negotiating and concluding a continuity contract is also at the stage of its performance. While developing the drafts of trade contracts we also consider tax aspects connected with this type of civil and legal solutions and a possibility of funding implementation of given projects.



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