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Seeking claims and debt collection

In the current economic reality, debt collection is a huge problem for entrepreneurs, an in particular debt collection due to overdue and non-paid invoices. A seemingly simple and easy path of debt collection in fact turns out to be a long and troublesome road and reaching the target, which is obtaining the entire amount due, is really complicated. Financial troubles of many entrepreneurs – debtors and consolidated ways of avoiding paying the amounts due and prolonging the proceedings makes many entrepreneurs – creditors face financial problems caused by non-executed amounts due. A team of lawyers working for our law office holds wide experience in seeking civil claims, including but not limited to financial claims. Our experience is not only won (frequently arduous) court trials but also effective debt enforcement. It is not enough to file an application for instituting enforcement in order to obtain an amount due. Active participation of our lawyers in enforcement proceedings and also their wisdom and skills make enforcement proceedings in which we represent our clients far more effective than proceedings conducted by the enforcement authority only. As part of comprehensive handling of issues connected with debt collection, we provide our clients with a code of golden rules for the purpose of preventing formation of arrears, and when the arrears are already formed, we carry out a complete economic interview and we institute relevant proceedings in which we participate actively. In our actions we make use of all the possible, legally anticipated and permitted procedures, including instituting all supporting proceedings. While seeking financial claims, we also pay attention to a possibility of enforcing interest rates due in trade transactions to the benefit of the entrepreneur-creditor right from the 31st day of amount due formation, regardless of the payment date anticipated in the contract or on the invoice. We also have wide experience in seeking other claims in court, including but not limited to: claims for compensation and reparation, claims within the scope of protection of intellectual property rights, claims for protection of industrial property or claims for adjudicating a given activity as ineffective in relation to the creditor (Actio Pauliana). Comprehensive services comprise undertaking a reconciliation attempt on behalf of a client, representation in court and representation in enforcement proceedings.